Course Reflection

I was pretty excited to take this experimental course not knowing the difficulties that would be faced. In the beginning it was rather confusing and I had no idea what was going on but I knew what the final outcome needed to be. It took a lot of brainstorming and scrapping ideas and starting over. It definitely kept us all thinking the entire course on ways to make our end product better, more efficient, and functioning. I think coming in not really knowing what to expect from the course was more exciting than the typical set in stone rubric that most classes are set in.  We ran into many road blocks along the way. Throughout the course we tried really hard to come up with a design that was different than everyone else’s but was still functioning and did what we needed it to do. While researching the different materials we were going to use we ran into a lot of roadblocks on pricing and food grade options that kind of narrowed the amount of supplies we could use in the bin. I think in the end we were pretty successful in coming up with an idea and supplies that would be functioning as well as low enough priced for the demographic we would have it marketed to. Also, we had a unique design that was very different from everyone else’s. We didn’t get it put together or tested to see if it was functioning or if it would work to do what we needed it to do, but I feel like with the design we came up with would work in the way we hoped it would. I do feel that the course challenged us all and got us thinking outside the box and trying to find ways to fix things and loopholes around certain difficulties that were faced through the process. There was definitely not a dull moment throughout the course and it was challenging enough to keep us interested from beginning to end. Hopefully Elizabeth is able to get some ideas from the class’ ideas and prototypes and makes something that could really help people. I know we all worked really hard to come up with the ideas that we ended up with and I hope that they will be of good use to someone in the future. It was definitely a fun and interesting course.


2pm Tuesday 2 GoatLips

1-2 page reflection on the course and the things that went on and were accomplished. Due before Tuesday. Post to blog and post document in shared drive.



Thomas made changes to materials list:
- Changed plastics to super clear all purpose recyclable vinyl (4 gauge)
- Changed places to find materials

Scholarship symposium and pop up show are the same day:
Wants us to put our projects in the pop up show. ($10 or bring something for serving table)
               -Reserve a space
(forwarding email about show Thomas will email to us)

3 weeks to prepare for shows..

Figure out how much of the plastic our group will need.


Look into weight ideas. Our model seems too light, good form though. Look into different ways to use as connectors. Look into very high grade plastic.
Also, look into supplies. Get a better idea of what we need by the week back from Spring Break. Email results to Thomas before that first class after break. Thomas is up for meeting with groups during break to help, just email to set up a time.

Buckminster Fuller

Basically we need to look into different connecting methods that have been used and been successful along with ways to weigh the design down. Maybe look into some grounding methods.

Illustrator Line Drawing of Transpiration Collector


In order to make the pen plotter work, you need a vector drawing.
The plotter will draw the line that is the center or the stroke, so you can make the stroke very small.
No special settings are needed, keep as .AI file.

In class:
Tested out the CVC plotting process on Sam's Illustrator design. (really cool)

Group Progress:
Need to finish our individual research on unsafe drinking water and the need for self sustaining plant life.

Group Document Due Thursday, March 9!!