Thomas made changes to materials list:
- Changed plastics to super clear all purpose recyclable vinyl (4 gauge)
- Changed places to find materials

Scholarship symposium and pop up show are the same day:
Wants us to put our projects in the pop up show. ($10 or bring something for serving table)
               -Reserve a space
(forwarding email about show Thomas will email to us)

3 weeks to prepare for shows..

Figure out how much of the plastic our group will need.


Look into weight ideas. Our model seems too light, good form though. Look into different ways to use as connectors. Look into very high grade plastic.
Also, look into supplies. Get a better idea of what we need by the week back from Spring Break. Email results to Thomas before that first class after break. Thomas is up for meeting with groups during break to help, just email to set up a time.

Buckminster Fuller

Basically we need to look into different connecting methods that have been used and been successful along with ways to weigh the design down. Maybe look into some grounding methods.

Illustrator Line Drawing of Transpiration Collector


In order to make the pen plotter work, you need a vector drawing.
The plotter will draw the line that is the center or the stroke, so you can make the stroke very small.
No special settings are needed, keep as .AI file.

In class:
Tested out the CVC plotting process on Sam's Illustrator design. (really cool)

Group Progress:
Need to finish our individual research on unsafe drinking water and the need for self sustaining plant life.

Group Document Due Thursday, March 9!!
       Wastewater Walk @ UWF
               Friday, March 3, 11-2:30 pm (11-12 Workshop & 1-2:30 tour) Can't go, have work

Pensacola Museum of Art
Friday Night, March 3, 5-6:30pm (Show By Elizabeth)

(The Selfish Gene) Look it up

Make Illustrator drawing:
constructed out of single paths (line)
no more than 24x24" (Think bigger)
single color
can be an abstract design
(similar to the STEAM design)
Due Next Tuesday

3D Models Due This Thursday
Brief Due Next Thursday

Notes from Thursday February 23: Forgot to post

Create design brief from template
          Due Thursday March 9

Design brief template (insert your title here)

A design brief template cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ because design projects vary so much, ranging from product innovation and improvement, to service delivery, software development, etc. Use this template as a starting point and modify as necessary. When you have finished delete the blue instructional text.
Overall this document should show a cohesive design strategy and plan. You may add additional sections as needed. Please keep the textual portion under 4 pages. Additional printed attachments up to 10 pages.
Use Arial or Times New Roman at 11 point font. Use 1.5 to double line spacing on all narrative elements. List items may be in tables/smaller line spacing Use MLA citation format (online tool:
Project members names: (names here)
Contact emails: (Insert here)

Due date for completion:  Pop-Up Exhibition Spring 2017 ___________________
Review date/s: (There will be at least two reviews listed below to ensure the design is meeting course expectations. You can also specify other key reviews per group)
Project Design Plan review March 9, 2017
Mid-term progress review Early April
Problem statement/Key objectives: ( Narrative element. Demonstrate and document evidence on the design issue through research. Include quotations, references, links, key benefits of this design, etc.)
Audience, applications, and site: (Narrative element. Detailed description of the target audience, application, and site of design)
Purpose and function: (Narrative element. What is the product is supposed to be able to do)
Materials, methods, and physical characteristics: (Narrative element. What materials, what methods will be used to fabricate, scale of design. This is where you will reference the images of you design e.g. Figure 4  )
Budget: (List item. Budgeted list of materials quoted in preceding category.)
Design Project plan: (List item. List the project milestones, what is needed to complete them and who from group is responsible.)
Attachments: (List of attachments, provide anything you want to use of prototypes, examples of designs or products (as benchmarks or comparison). Links to  animations or any other rich media can be submitted on an attachment document as links to vimeo/youtube type services )